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Every commercial setup has one common component in huge numbers – and that is, a lock and key system. From securing the front doors, windows to the storerooms, safes, cabinets, their prevalence is everywhere, and it’s not without reason. Owing to the vast magnitude of sensitive information and valuable assets they hold, lock and key systems form an inseparable, a vital part of a commercial property’s security infrastructure. As such, you need competent business locksmiths to install/upgrade/repair/maintain them. West Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith is a premier, all-round locksmithing firm that also has a specialized division to cater to the demanding needs of business clients. From providing consultation on business security to providing contractual upkeep of locks in the premises, we provide 360 degree solutions that meet all of our client needs.

Why hire us?

Commercial spaces, in general, have locksmithing needs that differ vastly from those needed at residential spaces. We understand how challenging it could get and go the extra mile to meet those challenges. All our professionals are trained locksmiths who’ve helped secure countless businesses, industries, institutions, offices, stores and more in West Palm Beach, FL area in the past. They also uphold the confidentiality and privacy of clients in strictest confidence, which is essential to prevent divulgence of information to unauthorized parties. We own the best of tools and cutting-edge machinery to facilitate the provision of quality services. We’ve also got the best range of locks and security systems to ramp up the security of your property.

Complete security audit:

Security forms the top priority for a vast majority of business owners. Equipping your property with the latest security systems and locks does not guarantee foolproof security. What you need is expert insight into your property’s security level and deployment of measures that are customized to suit specific requirements. Our consultations are free and you can get a complete overview of your present security level and on measures to improve it. Once you give us the green signal, our experts will implement the suggested solutions and ensure that your property is secured from external and internal threats.

24/7 locksmith services:

You might have an important meeting with clients in the next hour and might lose access to the conference room. The embarrassment leading up to such an event could be huge and also portray your business in poor light. The next time you face such a situation or get locked out of your own property due to a jammed door or a missing key; instead of wasting precious s business hours, you can count on us for immediate assistance 24/7. Owning a business ourselves has made us understand the importance of consistency in business operations. For this reason, we ensure that any lock & key emergency is dealt with swiftly, so that disruption in your daily schedule is kept to a minimum.

Our top services include:

  • Lock repair/installation/maintenanceWest Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith West Palm Beach, FL 561-692-4197
  • Business security solutions
  • Advanced lock installation
  • Commercial lockout assistance
  • 24-hour service availability
  • Overnight locksmithing work
  • Keyless entry system setup
  • Hierarchical master key system
  • High-security keys made
  • Safe opening/installation
  • File cabinet locks installation/unlocking
  • Door repair/new door installation
  • All types of keys made
  • Emergency exit locks

For comprehensive commercial locksmith solutions for your business, rely on our experts!

Lock Change in West Palm Beach, FL

Getting your locks changed can be a challenging proposition. Why? Finding the right kind of locks, especially if you’re not familiar with the locksmithing industry, can be tough going. You need locking systems that can provide an adequate level of security, go with your décor, and also not empty your wallet. West Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith provides free consultations to business owners in the West Palm Beach, FL region. Apart from changing your locks for you, our experts can help you pick out the ones that perfectly suit the style as well as the layout of your commercial property. Our lock change service has been active in the local region for a decade – you can rely on us to get the job done quickly and affordably. click here to read more

Locks Repair in West Palm Beach, FL

Keeping your locking systems in good working condition is not just important security-wise, but is also necessary for the smooth functioning of your business. A malfunctioning lock, for example, can lead to a big loss in productivity. West Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith is a professional commercial locksmith in West Palm Beach, FL that offers a great locks repair service to local businesses. Our locksmiths are very experienced and can recognize and work on a range of locks, including high-security electronic variants. If you need your existing locks repaired quickly and affordably, our service is your best bet. click here to read more

Business Locksmith in West Palm Beach, FL

Hiring a professional business locksmith to install high-security locks for your commercial property is a worthwhile investment. Your locks will protect your precious possessions against thieves and vandals, after all. Modern thieves are smart, and it’s very hard to keep them out unless you have high-grade protection at your disposal. West Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith is a professional locksmith service in West Palm Beach, FL that can install high-security locking systems for your commercial property at an affordable price. Our locksmiths are very experienced and we carry locks from the best manufacturers in the industry. We also provide a full-range of locksmithing services for local businesses at affordable prices. click here to read more

Commercial Lockouts in West Palm Beach, FL

Being locked out of your commercial property is not only a major nuisance, but can also deal a blow to the day’s business and throw your schedule out of whack. If your business is located in West Palm Beach, FL, though, you don’t have to worry - West Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith can have your locks open and give you back access to your property before you know it. We have handled innumerable commercial lockouts over the years, so our locksmiths know what they are doing and can assist you quickly and effectively. click here to read more

Keyless Entry Locks Commercial in West Palm Beach, FL

Keyless locking systems are a great choice these days. Not only are they high-security, but they also save you the trouble of carrying around heavy keys in your pocket with you wherever you go. West Palm Beach Galaxy Locksmith is a well-known commercial locksmith that you can contact if you need new keyless systems for your business property. We have installed keyless locks for a range of local businesses in West Palm Beach, FL, including offices, malls, hospitals, and other institutions. click here to read more